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UFO Sighting in Kihikihi

Story submitted by: Dave Owen, Te Awamutu, New Zealand (
Date: May 2004

I was about 12 years old, living in Grey Street, Kihikihi. One afternoon my brother and I were playing in our section when we saw a strange object hovering in the sky. It appeared to be about the altitude of a light commercial plane.

The object had an unusal flat shape with a light at each end. It moved very slowly and apparently aimlessly.

We watched for maybe a minute, discussing what it could be. I recall discounting a plane because of the flight pattern, and ruling out a helicopter because of the lack of noise. In either case the shape just didn't fit.

To be honest I can't remember exactly how it ended. To the best of my memory we waited for the object to reveal itself as something we recognised but it never happened. I'm pretty sure the object headed north past our house and we lost sight of it.