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Story submitted by: Milica Djekic
Address: Vase Pelagica 39A, 24000 Subotica, Serbia, Europe
Occupation: Master of Science in Control Engineering
Date: 2nd November, 2010



        An observed person has a very strong psychic abilities and his influence can be classified as paranormal. Summing my current research, I can conclude that mentioned psychic has the following features:

1. Telepathy
2. Clairvoyance;
3. Clairaudience;
4. Clairsentience;
5. Clairalience;
6. Claircognizance;
7. Psychokinesis / Telekinesis;

        Below I will try to provide a clear scientific explanation of these psychic abilities and describe through examples how to he uses. I have to notice that he is able to use all of his capacity continuously over a long period of time. He can affect more than one person at same time and he is not sensitive to the audience and environment. In addition, temporal changes have no impact on his ability and intensity of the paranormal effects. Manifestation of its effects may depend on his mood. In conclusion, his psychic abilities are very well developed and it relates to use them every day, he practically trains and improves his performance. Additionally, I will briefly describe how certain psychic influences are manifesting.


        Using extra-sensory perception (ESP), psychic may collect information about his surroundings. This information are sent on to the psychic's super-mind, which receives psychic knowledge from the outside world. This knowledge is stored in the psychic's matrix and can be activated at his request. Super-mind can penetrate the space, time and, if directed at one's mental system, potentially damage / destroy the thought process such an exposed person (brainwashing effect).

        Placing control border around this super-psychic-mind, we can define the following inputs and outputs. Telepathy is the input / output channel of psychic's super-mind and serves to read the mind (s), as well as for communication. On the other hand, clear-seeing, clear-feeling, clear-smelling, clear-hearing, clear-knowing, clairtangency, clairgustance and clairempathy are the input channels to a psychic (ESP) by which he collects information about remote people or objects . Finally, psychokinesis is the output channel of psychic's super-mind and the influence of super-mind to the person or physical object. With this abilities psychic does remote influencing.


        According to the initial definition, telepathy can be considered as a direct transfer of thoughts from one person (sender) to another (receiver) without using the usual sensory channels of communication. Since human beings live in the field of electromagnetic energy and a human brain is a transmitter-receiver of electromagnetic waves, the surrounding environment can affect human organism greatly and constantly. This means we are surrounded by all sorts of vibrations/frequencies and if we wish to catch any of them distinctly, we must tune in (we must adjust our “parameters” to the certain frequency). Therefore, there is a great deal of interference and we do not always receive the messages clearly. Persons with psychic abilities, who are able to communicate telepathically, can read subjective thoughts or receive conscious thoughts without audible words being spoken. In this case, a mental tuning in is unavoidable. Talking in the simple terms, a psychic is able to access everyone’s mind using the power of his/her super-mind, but he/she must adjust his/her super-mind to the frequency at which the selected mind is operating. That frequency is not constant in time, so psychic’s super-mind must be able to follow all the changes and adapt automatically to them if he/she wishes to stay “on-line” with that person. Telepathy is independent of space and distance, but distance between a transmitter and a receiver can influence an efficiency of telepathic transfer of information.


        Clairvoyance or clear-seeing is the ability to gain the information about an object, location or physical event via a form of ESP. This ability means sensing or seeing the images clearly. This ability enables a psychic to see through the time and space and even detect the energy such as radio waves. Psychic’s super-mind can travel through time and/or space from one target to another or stay with a target as long as he/she chooses. For example, a psychic can able to clearly see distant object, persons or events and describe them accurately. This ability is strongly linked with the remote viewing ability, which brings up together telepathy and clear-seeing. According to the statistics, only about 1% of those tested were very good at remote viewing (it’s a rare talent.).
        Very common manifestation of clear-seeing ability is the precognition, which can be defined as “clear-seeing through time” and can be characterized as psychic knowledge of something in advance. According to the definition, precognition denotes a form of ESP where in a person is said to perceive information about places or events through paranormal means before they happen.


        Clairaudience or clear-hearing is the ability to hear in a paranormal manner. Clear-hearing may refer not to actual perception of sound, but may instead indicate impressions of the "inner mental ear".  “Internal mental ear” may find its analogy with the way many people think words without having any auditory impressions. Clear-hearing may also refer to actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to other humans or to recording equipment. With this ability, a psychic can clearly hear the divinatory information that is received as a sound. This sound is not heard by the human ear. It is an ability to perceive the voices and sounds as a form of ESP.


               Clairsentience or clear feeling/touching is a form of ESP wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of feeling. With this ability, a psychic can sense the subtle emotions, feelings or energy. It is an ability to pick up the emotions and energies from the people, things or places, which is generally known as empathy.


       Clairalience or clear smelling is a form of ESP wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of smelling. It is the ability to smell things that have no physical source.


               Claircognizance or clear-knowing is a form of ESP  wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of intrinsic knowledge. It is the ability to know something without knowing how or why you know it.


        Psychokinesis (PK) or telekinesis (TK) refers to the direct influence of mind on a physical system that cannot be entirely accounted for by the mediation of any known physical energy. In general, psychokinesis is a technique of mind over matter through invisible means. Examples of psychokinesis are movements of objects, bending of metals, and determining the outcome of events. It can occur spontaneously and deliberately which indicates it is both an unconscious and conscious process.


        According to my recent experience, the psychic uses his telepathic abilities to communicate remotely with his receivers, but a content of those messages depends on the person that he is contacting and the certain goals he wants to achieve making that communication. From my perspective, he prefers to use the telepathy and the other psychic abilities in order to disturb a receiving person and potentially attempt some sort of brainwashing if a person is exposed long enough to his influence. In addition, he is able to send pictures and scenes telepathically and project them into consciousness and dreams of a receiver. Some of those visual effects come from the real world and are an obvious representation of objects and events he has sensed over a day.

         On the other hand, the others are the products of his psychic mental world, which is usually called the matrix, and can be in colour or greyscale mode. However, he is able to collect the visual information remotely from the real world using psychic abilities, which are called clairvoyance or clear-seeing, and store them into his matrix. That’s how a psychic gathers intelligence from his/her environment.

        I have noticed he is able to sense words or sentences that a person thinks without producing any external sound that could be registered by a human ear (a person’s inner talk). Also he can monitor a real conversation distantly using this ability, collect all available information and store them into his matrix. For instance, I was receiving very diverse range of sounds; voices and even music form him, and some of them I have identified in the real world. Simply he is using this ability to pick up all audio effect from his environment; store into his matrix and later reproduce them.

            Sometimes I have the impression that I am communicating with one or more voices alternately, which can be manifested as background noise/sound. In this case, the telepathy has been mentioned. Apparently, very often I am in position to receive the voice signals that are followed up with that feeling that I have been enveloped/captured with some sort of external field, more precisely I belong to some envelop. In this case, except I am feeling that I am captured by that field, I have the impression that voice(s) are flowing/ circulating throughout that field.

        For instance, my mind is normally stable and the thoughts that have been sent by the psychic are usually reflected by it, which technically means that external thoughts can not disturb my mental process. Basically, they can affect my clear thinking/ functioning of mind appearing more like the effect of the noise in my “head”. On the other hand, the information can be exchanged in the communication process/ thinking process or even the intelligence/ information can be gathered by the psychic that send that external thoughts/ inputs to excite the “targeted” mind. In addition, the entire spectrum of mental games can be received and they can cause the transfer from one state of the consciousness into another and consequently the potentional instability of the entire mind. Maybe a long term exposure to this influence could lead to development of some mental or psychological illness.

         Therefore, I will describe how he is able to play with states of consciousness. I have registered that once I on my classes when I was following how the students are demonstrating the lab exercise. From my perspective, if he is close enough, he can focus to desired person in order to take the consciousness from him or her for just a moment if that person is showing he or she is tired or weak. That attack lasted around 5 sec and suddenly stopped. He told me what he is trying to do. According to definition, consciousness is subjective experience or awareness or wakefulness or the executive control system of the mind. It is an umbrella term that may refer to a variety of mental phenomena. When the psychic is attempting to take the consciousness from the “targeted” mind, some sort of envelop around that mind is present and somehow that envelop is pressing the consciousness – that field of thoughts that is close to mind – and that’s how he is trying to cause that consciousness envelop disappear, be broken.

       For example, here is one more occasion related to psychic influence I would like to describe. Before one appointment I suddenly noticed that I am becoming sleepy, weak and my concentration was decreasing, in general. The presence of paranormal voices and similar effects was avoiding me then. Knowing there are no real external factors that could cause such sleepy effects, I have warned him that was still on-line with me to stop with such a game. Suddenly that influence passed and I suspect it was simply psychic influence. It’s more like a signal sent to brain, to endocrine system and so on that can cause sleepiness, short and sharp headache, activate the effect of some gland and so on. Activating some certain centre into nervous system, there could be the possibility that the psychic could trigger short-term effect of alcohol or drug. I did not notice that the psychic influence can disturb/affect my memory or mental process.

      I would like to mention that he has more than one communication channel and his super-mind can get networked more than one mind. The activities of all the networked minds have been monitored via his super-mind, which is receiving the psychic knowledge from everywhere in real time. Also he is able to send, implement his consciousness and influence desired “targets” via other psychic abilities. At large distances, the telepathy can be used for this type of communication and clear seeing for receiving the information about the “object”. In other words, the information about the distant object can be received via clear seeing ability. That information are processed into psychic matrix and they can be reconstruct as telepathic picture or entire vision. On the other hand, telepathy has been used for mind reading/monitoring and creating the network based on mind – super-mind principle. Except in concise state/condition, the psychic can influence the mind in sub-conscious state/condition or even in dream. Very often psychic can implement the dreams, scenes or telepathic pictures into someone’s consciousness, sub-consciousness or dreams.

        As a remote influencer, he can affect biological systems from a great distance. For example, he is able to produce pressure on the person or to make an impression that he/she has to be separated from the ground (floating). It is also interesting to note that he can affect electrical appliances such as small vacuum cleaners or a electric bulb by stopping their electricity through the circuit. On one occasion I had the impression that I have been affected by some kind of bio-electromagnetic field whose influence can be described as intense waves of hatred, anger and negative energy. Similarly, he has the capacity to produce spirits and I once saw a black spirit that has disappeared when I woke up. An impact on the body I would like to mention is pulsating zone in certain areas and rapidly opening and closing of the eyelids, and heating effects and treatment.


         According to some recent research, “vast pool of information is held in the brain's electromagnetic field”. On the other hand, consciousness can be defined as “an infinite, invisible field-an “ocean” of awareness or intelligence everywhere available-with waves that radiate throughout society”. Maybe his obsession is to keep his psi channels chronically enabled and receive the surrounding consciousness, intelligence, mental awareness, etc. or send his thoughts to surrounding world continuously. There are many applications of these psychic abilities and I would like to mention: 1) telepathic television, 2) telepathic radio, 3) psychological warfare, 4) intelligence gathering and so on.