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Mysterious Woman in the Mirror

Story submitted by: Anonymous
Date: June 2007

Although some of his story may not sound entirely believable, I can assure you that these indeed are real. The following events happened to me exactly 3 years and 11 days ago in the Guamian city of Hagatna. The events have given me and my girlfriend helen lifelong trauma and forced us to undergo 8 months of counselling.

As I woke from my morning sleep, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a high pitched whistle of a woman's voice. It was whispering to me, whispering from afar. I can still remember her voice so vividly and clear, she was saying ' come hither children of mine, drink from the blood of the witchety grub and you shall have eternal life'. A cold shiver ran up my spine as I realised the sound was coming from behind me, in the bathroom mirror! I turned my head not knowing what to expect.

Suddenly, I was looking at the haunting site of a withered woman. This woman was like no other, her eyes beckoned me to come forth. I couldn't resist her gaze. I managed to run into the adjoining study and get my webcam that also served as a digital camera. Attached is the image that i took.

After the chilling image was captured, I called to my girlfriend Helen to come and see this for herself. As she entered the room, the old woman on the mirror whispered again:  'come hither children of mine,drink from the blood of the witchety grub and you shall have eternal life'  Suddenly blood seeped from the crack in the mirror. It was calling me to drink it, i tried so hard to resist but i couldn't, it was forcing me almost to drink it. If it was not for Helen's quick reactions to pull me back from its gaze, I do not know what would've happened to me.