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My Views on Paranormal Phenomena

As the producer of this website I feel I should be open about where I stand. This page explains my position on the subject of paranormal phenomena.

I am open-minded

I see that there is a lot going on in the world that we don't understand. I realise that our current level of scientific knowledge does not explain everything we see in the universe. I accept that the explanation for certain phenomena may fly in the face of traditional science.

I believe than when new discoveries are made and new knowledge is acquired, it is important to accept such knowledge whatever the source. If a psychic is able to provide a plausible explanation for a paranormal event, then scientists must have the courage to accept this explanation.

I am skeptical

I am an advocate of critical thinking as a way to determine the truth. This is because critical thinking, when applied correctly, works. It's like maths - you can't deny the result if the equation is correct.

I believe that skepticism and open-mindedness can co-exist peacefully. In fact I consider this the ideal mind set - open-minded enough to entertain any theory but skeptical enough to investigate it properly.

I am not pushy

I do not wish to force my views on anyone. I make my ramblings available for anyone to read and judge without any strings attached.

I don't care what people choose to believe as long as it does not adversely impact on others. I believe there is a place in our world for all peaceful philosophies, ideologies and belief systems.

I do not claim any intellectual or spiritual superiority over those who disagree with me. I make no claims that my methodology is perfect. I'm open to constructive criticism and peer review.

I want to have fun

This paranormal stuff is interesting. Sometimes it's rubbish, sometimes it's compelling. Often the line between reality and the Twilight Zone seems ill-defined.

Whatever's going on in the universe around us, it's all part of something huge, something which may well be beyond our ability to comprehend. But that doesn't stop us from trying. For whatever reason (evolutionary or more mystical), we humans have a driving desire to understand our place in the big scheme of things. Unlike the other species we know of, humans strive to know why.

Maybe there's a higher reason for this motivation or maybe it's an accidental byproduct of our genetics. I don't really care, I'm just happy to have it and feel passionate about it. Learning about the meaning of life is a worthy quest indeed. I may not be optimistic about my chances but again that's not the point.... the effort is the reward.