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This Website - Policies, Terms & Conditions, etc

Who is responsible for this website?
Dave Owen of Te Awamutu, New Zealand.

What is your angle?
This website is neutral and I am happy to accept submissions from people with any point of view. The only caveat is that I favour the path of critical thinking so I use the scientific method. See my position on the paranormal for more info.

What's in it for you?
This website exists as a free resource and I do not expect to make a profit from it. I do run advertisements to help cover costs. In the unlikely event that this website ever shows a profit, the profits will be put back into further development.

When will this site have some more content?
When I get time or when some people submit their own articles. Unfortunately my focus is currently on other websites and I don't expect to have much spare time during 2006. Still, I hope to add the odd page here and it's possible that I might be able to devote a few weeks to this project later in the year.

Aren't some of the advertisements in conflict with the content of the site?
Possibly. The ads on this site are supplied by Google and other affiliates, in association with the individual advertisers. I do not determine the actual ads which go on each page. Given that this site allows differing points of view to be aired, it is possible that in some cases ads will be displayed which present a different view to the article they appear with. This is not uncommon with websites devoted to the paranormal (and indeed many other topics). However, advertisers are aware of how the system works and which sites their ads are shown on. There is no deception involved.

The Paranormal

What exactly does "paranormal phenomena" mean?
Things, events and experiences which are not explainable through conventional science.

See also: Paranormal Glossary.