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Glossary of the Paranormal

The study of planetary positions and directions and their influence on humans. There are various types of astrology, including heliocentric astrology (uses the Sun as a reference) and geocentric astrology (uses the Earth as a reference).

Speaking with spirit beings, or acting as a portal between humans and the spirit world. Psychics who communicate with the dead are known as mediums.

The ability to hear sounds not audible to non-psychic humans. Often voices or music.

The ability to perceive feelings, emotions or "vibrations". Often associated with places which have been the scene of intense emotional or tragic events.

The ability to perceive psychic information visually in the form of images, especially of events and locations in a remote place or time.

Cold Reading
A technique of interviewing a subject who is unknown to the interviewer and eliciting information surreptitiously.

Familiar Spirit
See Spirit Guide.

A person who communicates with the dead.

The ability to perceive or predict future events. Often associated with dreams.

(1) A term to describe general supernatural phenomena related to the psyche (mind and soul).

(2) A person who appears to posses supernatural powers related to the psyche.

See Telekinesis

The ability to perceive information from inanimate objects using touch and feel.

Remote Viewing
A method of viewing past, present and probable future events in other (remote) places. A form of Clairvoyance.

Second Sight

Spirit Guide
A friendly or helpful spirit who communicates with a psychic and provides information and guidance.

The ability to influence move inanimate objects with the mind.

The ability to communicate directly from mind to mind.