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Richard Hoagland

Richard Hoagland Richard C. Hoagland is an investigator and promoter of unconventional space theories. He gained fame for his claims that NASA has been covering up various space facts such as the truth about the Apollo moon landings, the "face on Mars", etc.

According to his website (see below), Hoagland has worked as a space museum curator, a NASA Consultant, and science advisor to CBS News.

Hoagland has been closely associated with numerous claims about UFOs and aliens. His website frequently picks up on topical events and adds a conspiratorial or paranormal spin. Few space missions escape without being accused of some form of cover-up or alternative agenda.

Richard Hoagland has been widely and regularly discredited but has shown no sign of slowing down.

Richard Hoagland's website:
Rebuttal of Richard Hoagland's theories: