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Deb Webber

Deb WebberDeb Webber is a psychic/medium based in Tewantin, Queensland, Australia. She writes a horoscope column for the Australian Woman's Weekly and has appeared on the show Sensing Murder.

Deb Webber's faith is in God and The Holy Spirit. According to her website she "openly lives and communicates with Spirit in every moment of her being".

Deb conducts private readings, runs seminars and psychic development workshops.

In 2004, Australia's Channel 7 tested Deb Webber in a hidden camera trial. Three people were given readings by Webber, who failed to get anything at all right. For example, Weber claimed to be talking to dead relatives who, it turned out, never existed. "Michelle" was one of the test subjects:

"I never had a husband," Michelle said. "She saw two large dogs, a large house and property - I have none of those things."

Deb Webber defended her performance in the test, saying that she only reports what the spirits tell her. In this case she assumes the spirits must have been lying to her.

Deb Webber's website: