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Astrology is the study of celestial positions and directions (especially planetary bodies), and their influence on humans and earthly affairs.

There are various types of astrology, including heliocentric astrology (uses the Sun as a reference) and geocentric astrology (uses the Earth as a reference).

Historically, astrology and astronomy share common origins. However the two fields have become separated and astronomy now follows the scientific method whereas astrology does not. Although astrology is still considered a science by many followers, it's failure to pass structured tests means it cannot be considered valid by scientific standards.

When evaluating the validity of astrology it is useful to consider two questions. The links below look at these questions in more detail...

  1. Can Astrology Work? Do the theories which underpin this discipline make sense? Could a system exist in which interplanetary bodies affect life on other planets?
  2. Does Astrology Work? Do people really fall into personality categories based on their time of birth? What does the real-world evidence show?